The Breathing Garden Seed Collection


Pickup available at Chelsea Physic Garden

Usually ready in 24 hours


t’s only natural that from time to time we need some seasonal support – sometimes from change in the weather, sometimes from pollens or dust in the air. Many plants have a natural affinity for the lungs and over the years herbalists have discovered which plants are best for helping us breathe at our best. Some plants can soothe a dry tickle for example, whilst others can dry out the damp.

The Breathing Garden is a selection of herbs that support the lungs in different ways; some stimulate, some relax, some open and some clear. They all help to support your natural breathing. These herbs usually have strong flavour and can taste bitter, astringent, spicy, or sweet. The soft and demulcent properties in marshmallow and mullein soothe a tickle; the warm spicyness of hyssop and gumweed clear congestion; the roots of elecampane and echinacea are tonics that help strengthen. They all bring a burst of colour and a breath of fresh air.

Contains: Echinacea, Elecampane, Gumweed, Hyssop, Marshmellow, Mullein