Digestive Garden Seed Collection Earthsong Seeds


Pickup available at Chelsea Physic Garden

Usually ready in 24 hours

Just as healthy soil leads to healthy plants, good digestion leads to a healthy person. It is well known that the food we eat and how we digest it influences how we feel – both physically and emotionally.

This seed collection contains herbs that support some of the different roles of the digestive system. Some are calming, some soothing and some stimulating. Taste-wise they are sweet, aromatic and herbal. Lemon balm and chamomile are gentle, calming herbs that promote all-round digestive health. Silky-soft marshmallow and meadowsweet can cool and soothe, whilst others, such as aromatic angelica and fennel can help ease gripes. Licorice mint and bee balm contain powerful essential oils that can stimulate the digestive fire. Vervain’s more bitter qualities can help with digestive issues related to nervous tension.


Contains: German Chamomile, Fennel, Licorice Mint, Marshmellow, Meadowsweet, Vervain